The 2020 Edition of the Pan-African health informatics conference (HELINA'2020 )

The 2020 edition of the Pan-African health informatics conference (HELINA’2020) was slated to be hosted in Kampala, Uganda. The conference was and still is to be organized by the Uganda Health Informatics Association (UgHIA - in collaboration with: Makerere University School of Public Health, Ministry of Health with support from HELINA. However, with the COVID19 Pandemic ravaging the entire globe, the conference will most likely be moved to 2021. Therefore we want to pick your thoughts, on how best to pull off this conference come 2021 and what would you envision as the yardstick for its success


Thanks for starting this topic. The HELINA conference usually has the scientific piece as a major component. This usually involves call for submissions (papers, posters, workshops etc), reviews, revisions and final acceptance. We are already in June, and the call for submissions has not even gone out. COVID-19 notwithstanding, it would be good to have realistic timelines for when a conference can be held taking this into consideration.

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You are welcome @martinwere, the call for submissions is indeed overdue. However, while talking with the HELINA’2020 organizers (UgHIA - Uganda Health Informatics Association), they hinted about an upcoming webinar intended to discuss the fate of the conference especially after the interference of COVID-19, they would actually love the involvement of the education working group in this webinar which is thankfully chaired by you.

Moving forward @sthaiya kindly help me add the UgHIA team as users so that they too can be invited to give their thoughts. Let me know what we need from them to be added